The Deathbringer


Okay, the DEATHBRINGER is a wild title, but what can I say? It does go with this outfit pretty well I’d say. I mean come on, just look at it. If you recognise the style this has been based on then you win…Nothing. But if you do, good job (to me not you as I managed to make it look like what it should look like) and if you don’t know what it is supposed to be based on in the first place, not knowing, doesn’t count!


I wasn’t too sure if this picture worked well in the whole ‘Deathbringer’ scenario or not, but seeing as it took forever to get the shot right with the ridiculous super mega HD graphics ultra killing my fps… I am using it anyway. DEAL WITH IT. And yes, this man is most unfortunate as if you go back to the savage post, you’ll see he gets his unfair share of dying on my blog. Again, DEAL WITH IT.


Trident- Primus Hydra Trident Polearm 3.55 [apex] (lg)

Helmet- PFC~Defender – warrior

Hood- DPD – Rebel Hood (XL)

Chest- DPD – Rebel Chest (L)

Shirt- DPD – Rebel Shirt (L)

Shoulders- DPD – Rebel Shoulder Plate

Sleeves- DRD- malesleeve size3 – ripped fabricdarkgrey blood

Pants- The Fallen Outrider-Black-Pants L

Horn- Primus.X Raid Horn 1.2 (male) (light)

Boots- Outlander Boot (Non Rigged)


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